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Frequently Asked Questions

Q 1. Is It true that tourists entering Thailand must be able to prove that they have adequate finances during the stay as currently being widely reported in local and international media?

Ans 1. Yes, this is true, according to the immigration Act of Thailand B.E. 2522 (1979), foreigners who fall into any of the 11 categories are prohibited to enter Thailand, This includes "having no appropriate means of living on entering the Kingdom". Without appropriate means of living, tourists risk becoming economic and social burdens of the host country.

In this connection, according to the Notification of the Ministry of Interior dated 8 May 2000, holders of tourist visa must be able to prove that they have adequate finances equivalent to at least 20,000 Baht per person or 40,000 Baht per family. For on-arrival-visa tourists, they must be able to prove that they have adequate finances equivalent to at least 10,000 Baht per person or 20,000 Baht per family.

Q 2. Why did the news about this inspection of tourists' financial status by Thai Immigration Officers only emerge now?

Ans 2. TIn order to facilitate foreign tourists, Thai Immigration Officers conduct random inspection of foreign tourists' means of living upon arrival at all ports of entry. If tourists are not able to prove that they have adequate finances, the officers will then consider case-by-case whether to allow the entry, The random inspection will not take place after the tourists have been granted an entry and have passed through the Immigration checkpoints.

Q 3. What would be considered appropriate preparation for tourists planning to visit Thailand?

Ans 3. All travellers must also make sure that they are in possession of a passport valid for at least six months and a round-trip air ticket. Holders of tourist visa and those foreigners eligible for tourist visa exemption, must be able to prove that they have adequate finances equivalent to at least 20,000 Baht per person or 40,000 Baht per family. For on-arrival-visa tourists, they must be able to prove that they have adequate finances equivalent to at least 10,000 Baht per person or 20,000 Baht per family.

Most importantly, traveller should check if they have appropriate visa in accordance with their purpose of visit. Generally, a foreign citizen who wishes to enter the Kingdom of Thailand is required to obtain a visa from The Royal Thai Embassy or Royal Thai Consulate-General.

For more information on Thailand Visa and Visa Exemption Scheme, visit the Ministry of Foreign Affairs' website at

Q 4. Do I need visa to travel Thailand?


List of Countries which have concluded agreements on the exemption of visa requirements for holders of diplomatic or official or service/special passports with Thailand and permitted to stay for a period of not exceeding 30 and 90 days


1. Cambodia
2. China
3. Laos 
4. Mongolia
5. Myanmar
6. Oman


1. Argentina 17. Luxembourg
2. Austria 18. Malaysia
3. Belgium 19. Mexico
4. Bhutan 20. The Netherlands
5. Brazil 21. Nepal
6. Chile 22. Peru
7. Costa Rica 23. The Philippines
8.  Croatia 24. Poland
9.  Czech Republic 25. Romania
10. Germany 26. Russian Federation
11. Hungary 27. Singapore
12. India 28. Slovak Republic
13. Israel 29. South Africa
14. Thai (including Liechtenstein) 30. Switzerland
15.  Japan 31. Tunisia
16. Korea : Republic of Korea 32. Turkey


Passport holders from 40 countries and Hong Kong SAR do not require a visa when entering Thailand for tourism purposes if their stay in the Kingdom does not exceed 30 days.

The applicant must possess instrument of means of living expenses 20,000 Baht per person and 40,000 Baht per family accordingly.

- Please also be advised that ordinary passport holders of 40 countries and Hong Kong who intend to engage in certain activities are eligible to apply for a visa when entering the Kingdom if their qualifications meet the conditions set forth by the Office of Immigration Bureau. For more information, please contact the Office of Immigration Bureau, Soi Suan Plu, off South Sathorn Road, Bangkok 10120, Tel. (662) 287-3101-10 or at website


List of 40 countries and one region is as follows:

1. Australia   :  Commonwealth of Australia 21. Kuwait  :   State of Kuwait
2. Austria  :  Republic of Austria 22. Luxembourg :  Grand Duchy of Luxembourg
3. Belgium  :  Kingdom of Belgium 23. Malaysia
4. Brazil  :  Federative Republic of Brazil  24. Netherlands :  Kingdom of the Netherlands
5. Bahrain  :  State of Bahrain 25. New Zealand
6. Brunei Darussalam  :   Negara Brunei  Darussalam 26. Norway  :  Kingdom of Norway
7. Canada 27. Oman  :  Sultanate of Oman
8. Denmark  :  Kingdom of Denmark 28. Peru  : Republic of Peru
9. Finland  :  Republic of Finland 29. Philippines  :  Republic of the Philippines
10. France  :  French Republic 30. Portugal  :  Republic of Portugal
11. Germany  :  Federal Republic  of Germany 31. Qatar  :  State of Qatar
12. Greece  :  Hellenic Republic 32. Singapore  :  Republic of Singapore
13. Hong Kong  :  Hong Kong Special Administrative Region 33. Spain   :  Kingdom of Spain
14. Iceland : Republic of Iceland 34. South Africa :  Republic of South Africa
15. Indonesia  :  Republic of Indonesia 35. Sweden  :  Kingdom of Sweden
16. Ireland  :  Republic of Ireland 36. Switzerland :  Swiss Confederation
17. Israel   :  State of Israel 37. Turkey  :   Republic of Turkey
18. Thai   :  Republic of Thai 38. United Arab Emirates
19. Japan 39. United Kingdom :  United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
20. Korea  : Republic of Korea 40. United States of America
  41. Vietnam : Socialist Republic of Vietnam

List of countries which have concluded agreements on the exemption of visa requirements for holders of ordinary passports with Thailand and permitted to stay for a period of not exceeding 30 and 90 days


1. Laos

1. Argentina

2. Vietnam 

2. Brazil

3. Hong Kong SAR (***)

3. Chile

4. Macau SAR (***)

4. Republic of Korea

5. Russia (Since 24 March 2007)

5. Peru 

(***) According to the Agreements on Exemption of Visa Requirements between Thailand and Hong Kong SAR and between Thailand and Macau SAR, all types of Thai passports including diplomatic and official passports shall be exempted from visa requirements for a visit of not exceeding 30 days to Hong Kong SAR and Macau SAR.

NB : Nationals of countries which hold Agreements on Visa Exemption Requirements with Thailand intending to work or stay in Thailand beyond the agreed bilateral arrangement must apply for an appropriate visa before entry into Thailand in order to submit the application for work or stay permit.

Q 5. Can somebody else submit the application form for a visa on the applicant's behalf?

Ans 5.In case you are unable to submit your application in person, you have the option of getting it submitted or collected through a travel agent or a representative. Your representative must carry a letter signed by you authorising him to represent you. Also your representative must carry a photo ID.

Q 6. What are the fees for the Visa?

Ans 6. Please see "Visa Fees" from desired visa type.

Q 7. How many photographs are required for visa?

Ans 7. Two recent colored photographs of 3.5 x 4.5 centimeter in size against white background and should be matt finish

Q 8. Visa on Arrival

Ans 8. For passengers who would like to apply for Visa on Arrival to travel in Thailand, there are two service counters provided by Suvarnabhumi airport before reaching to the Immigration on 2nd level. The details and required documents are listed as follows:


  • Hold the citizenship of a country on the list issued by the minister under the consent of the Council of Ministers of Thailand.
  • Aim to enter Thailand for tourism for the period of not exceeding 15 days.
  • Submit one 4 x 6 cm. headshot photo taken no longer than 6 months.
  • Does not fall into the category of aliens prohibited from entering Thailand under the Immigration law.
  • Possess the return ticket within 15 days.(confirmed return air ticket)
  • Truthfully notify the verifiable places to stay in Thailand. (proof of hotel booking)
  • Present evidence of adequate finance, not less than 20,000 Baht (700US$) per person and 40,000 Baht (1400US$) per family.
  • Possess a passport or travel document with validity not less than 6 months.
  • Pay 1,000 Baht for the visa fee (Thai currency only)
The list of countries eligible to obtain Visa on Arrival
Andorra Bhutan Bulgaria China
Taiwa Cyprus Ethiopia India
Kazakhstan Latvia Lithuania Maldives
Malta Mauritius Romania San marino
Saudi Arabia Ukraine Uzbekistan  

Location :
 Visa on Arrival booths are on the east side and the west side before reaching to the Immigration on 2nd level.

Q 9. Do I need an appointment for submission of application?

Ans 9. Yes. Applicant requires prior appointment for submission of application at BLS Thai Visa Application Centre. Please fill your application form online to get an appointment. It is mandatory to fill application form online and get a print of your application along with a print of your checklist and other documents to the BLS Visa Application Centre.

Q 10. Can an application be mailed by courier to the Centre for Visa Application?

Ans 10. No. The applicant/representative will have to come personally to the Thailand Visa Application Centre nearest to them to submit the Visa Application. The application sent by mail or any other mode will not be accepted by BLS Visa Application Centre.

Q 11. How to track the visa application?

Ans 11. Applicant can track application using Track Your Visa Application Link on the website.

Q 12. What is the difference between validity of visa and period of stay?

Ans 12. 1. Please note that the period of visa validity is different from the period of stay. Visa validity is the period during which a visa can be used to enter Thailand. In general, the validity of a visa is 3 months, but in some cases, visas may be issued to be valid for 6 months, 1 year or 3 years. The validity of a visa is granted with discretion by the Royal Thai Consulate-General and is displayed on the visa sticker.

2. The period of stay is granted by an immigration officer upon arrival at the port of entry and in accordance with the type of visa. For example, the period of stay for a transit visa is not exceeding 30 days, for a tourist visa is not exceeding 60 days and for a non-immigrant visa is not exceeding 90 days from the arrival date. The period of stay granted by the immigration officer is displayed on the arrival stamp. Travellers who wish to stay longer than such period may apply for extension of stay at offices of the Immigration Bureau in Bangkok, located at Soi Suan Plu, South Sathorn Road, Bangkok 10120, Tel 02-2873101-10 or at an Immigration office located in the provinces. For information on application for extension of stay, see the Immigration Bureau website at

Q 13. Who is prohibited to enter the Kingdom of Thailand?

Ans 13.

According to the Immigration Act of Thailand B.E. 2522 (1979), foreigners who fall into any of the following categories are prohibited to enter Thailand:

  1. Having no genuine valid passport or document used in lieu of passport; or having a genuine valid passport or document used in lieu of passport without valid visa issuance by the Royal Thai Embassies, the Royal Thai Consulates-General or the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, with exception of those who meet visa exemption requirements. The terms and conditions of visa issuance and visa exemption are prescribed by the Ministerial Regulations.
  2. Having no appropriate means of living following entry into the Kingdom.
  3. Having entered the Kingdom to be employed as an unskilled or untrained labourer, or to work in violation of the Alien Work Permit Law.
  4. Being mentally unstable or having any of the diseases stated in the Ministerial Regulations.
  5. Having not yet been vaccinated against smallpox; or inoculated, or undergone any other medical treatment for protection against disease; and having refused to have such vaccinations administered by the Immigration Doctor.
  6. Having been imprisoned by judgment of the Thai Court; or by lawful injunction or judgment of the Court of a foreign country, except for when the penalty is for a petty offence, or negligence, or is provided for as an exception by the Ministerial Regulations.
  7. Having behaviour which could cause possible danger to the public; or having the likelihood of being a nuisance or constituting any violence to the peace, safety and security of the public or to the security of the nation; or being under warrant of arrest by competent officials of foreign governments.
  8. Reason to believe that entry into Kingdom is for the purpose of being involved in prostitution, the trafficking of women or children, drug smuggling, or other types of smuggling which are against public morality.
  9. Having no money or bond as prescribed by the Minister under Section 14 of the Immigration Act B.E. 2522 (1979).
  10. Being a person prohibited by the Minister under Section 16 of the Immigration Act B.E. 2522 (1979).
  11. Being deported by either the Government of Thailand or that of other foreign countries; or having been revoked the right of stay in the Kingdom or in foreign countries; or having been expelled from the Kingdom by competent officials at the expense of the Government of Thailand unless exemption is provided by the Minister on an individual basis


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