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1. What is Long-Term Resident (LTR) Visa?

Thailand hds introduced a new visa called “Long-Term Resident (LTR Visa)” vhi(:h is a program that provides a rdnge of tax and non-tax benefits to enhance the country’s attractiveness as a regional hub for living and doing business for high-potential’ foreigners.

There wilt be many privileges for LTR visa holders that will make living in "haitand long term easier and less bureaucratic. Tnese Drivileges include: discounted personal income tax rite, the removal of the requirement for employers to hire four Thai (Citizens per foreigner, fast traCk at international airports, I year reporting to Immigration instead of 90 days, and the overall ease of regulations concerning foreign residents. The LTR Visa program mikes the process of hiring foreigners easier and the foreign experts hired will trengthen the private business sector of Thailand.

  • 10-year renewable visa
  • Exemption from 4 Thais to I foreigner emDloyment reauirement ratio
  • Fast-track services at international dirports in Thailand
  • 90-day report extended to 1-year report and exemption of re-entry permit
  • Permission to work in Thailand (Digital Work permit)
  • 17% personal tax rate for highly skilled professionals
  • Tax exemption for overseas income
  • Immigration and work permit faCilitation services

2. Eligible Applicants for Long-Term Resident (LTR) Visa

  • Wealtny Global Citizen: Wealthy individuals holding at least 1 million USD in assets and investment in Thailand
  • Wealthy Pensioners: Retirees aged 50 years and older who have an dnnUdl pension or stable income
  • Work-From Thailand Professionals: Remote workers working for well- established companies overseas
  • Highly Skilled Pr‹afessionals: Professionals or experts in tdrgeted industries wor!‹ing for business entities or higher education institutes or research centers or specialized traii ing institutions in Thailand or Thai government agencies
  • Dependants: Spc›use and cnildren under 20 years old of LTR visa holders Ma::imum 4 dependents in total per one LTR visa holders)

3. Application Procedures

  • Form 1 September 2022, applicants for the “Long-Term Resident (LTR) visa” will have to submit their application and documents online with tne Thailand Board of Investment (BOI) at BOI will consider all reauired documents and make approvals.
  • Once apporoved lay BOI, applicants residing in Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Gujrat, and Goa shall apply for the LTR visa with the Royal Thai Consulate General in Mumbai through the eligible visa processing companies (VFS and BLS).

4. Required Documents

  • Visa Application form(s) and photograph(s):
  • Completed and signed Visa Application form and 2 recent photograph(s) (size 3.5:x 4.5 cm). 3.3 Non-Indonesian applicants may be required to submit more than one set of application form.
  • Approval Letter from BOI
  • Passport (valid for no less than 6 months)

5. Application fee

  • 125,000 Indian Rupees (Non-refundable)

Photo Specifications

Note: We regret we cannot accept photographs that do not meet these requirements

Photo Specifications

Please provide one recent photograph (not more than 6 months old) of yourself, which should not have been used previously in the passport. The photograph should be in colour and:

  • Taken against a white background so that features are distinguishable and contrast against the background.
  • Clear share quality and with the 80% face in focus.
  • Printed on normal photographic paper (camera print).
  • Full face, non-smiling [without glasses, a hat/cap or other head covering, unless the applicant wears such items because of their religious belief or ethnic background]
  • Please stick the Photograph on the Visa Application Form.
  • Note: Please follow these instructions carefully. If photographs presented do not meet these requirements your application will be considered incomplete. A photo booth meeting these requirements is available at the centre.

Processing Time

Minimum 05 working days including the day of submission at the consulate.

Visa Fees

Long-Term Resident (LTR) Visa 125,000/- Indian Rupees (Non-refundable)

Service Charge

BLS Service Fees 500/-

Value Added Services

Courier Fees 300/-
SMS 150/-
Form Filling Assistance 100/-

Download Form

Visa Application Form

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